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100 лет английской солдатской песни

It's a Long Way to Tipperary" is a British music hall and marching song written by Jack Judge (and co-credited but not co-written by Harry Williams) that, allegedly, was written for a 5 shilling bet in Stalybridge, on the 30 January 1912 and performed the next night at the local music hall. Judge's parents were Irish, and his grandparents came from Tipperary.

One of the most popular hits of the time, the song is typical in that it is not a war-like song, which incites the soldiers to glorious deeds. Popular songs in previous wars (such as the Boer war) frequently did this. In the first world war however, the most popular songs like this one and "Keep the Home Fires Burning" concentrated on the longing for home.

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